What Is A Bookmaker’s Surebet

A surebet is an arbitrage situation in which bookmakers give rather high odds on opposite results of the same event. That is, it becomes possible to bet on different results of the match in two offices at the same time and win regardless of the outcome. The gain from this is not high – within a few percent.


However, here you can count on a large number of similar situations. Some players find events, the overall odds of which give negative margins. In such cases, the bettor can count on a small but stable win. Players who use arbitrage betting ,on 사설토토.


Although arbers make bets on sporting events, their actions can hardly be called a classic betting game. In fact, such bettors are engaged in speculation. Looking for surebets with suitable indicators, they bet on opposite outcomes, and so they guarantee themselves a profit, regardless of the result.


Of course, the existence of surebets is unprofitable for reputable bookmakers, and they are actively fighting with them. Companies even set up departments to identify sure bet players. Bookmakers cut the highs on the accounts of such bettors and block their accounts.


Types of arbitration situations

Forks can be divided into types based on several parameters.

By the number of shoulders. There are two-way, three-way, etc.

Complete and incomplete. In the first case, no bet is placed on the least predictable market result. In the second, the bet is made on all outcomes.


In pre match and live. Quite often, surebets appear during a match. However, you need to try very hard and quickly react to their occurrence in order to place a bet on sports with favorable odds.


The forks disappear as quickly as they appear. Their “life” does not last very long – from several seconds to several minutes. Companies carefully monitor the odds of competitors and excessive betting flows in order to make a change in the odds of the online bookmaker in time and get out of the surebets at 메이저놀이터