How to Prepare for Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution?

Microsoft Azure has attracted lots of new changes to its certificate version. Now, the attention of Azure certificates is on particular skills which are needed on the job for the professionals. DP-200 certificate is among the most recent role-based Azure certificates on the marketplace. So this guide is focused on assisting you on your DP-200 exam prep.

As of January 31, 2019, Microsoft requires applicants to be eligible two distinct examinations for making the Azure information engineer associate certificate. Both examinations have code DP-200 and DP-201. This dialogue aims to function as a manual for DP-200 exam dumps while in another article, we will also cover the manual for DP-201 examination preparation.

The conversation would cover all vital details concerning the exam, such as fundamental information, requirements, and requirements for the exam. Additionally, the conversation would highlight the prep steps and specialist suggestions for the examination. Thus, let us begin with DP-200 examination prep straight away!

Assessment DP-200: Implementing a Azure Data Option

DP-200 examination is a brand new Azure Data examination and has the name ‘Implementing an Azure Data Option’. The DP-200 and DP-201 examinations are very important to getting a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate. The DP-201 examination has the name ‘Designing an Azure Data Option’. However, applicants often confront many difficulties for examination DP-200: Implementing an Azure information alternative as a result of deficiency of research tools. The main origin of difficulties arises in the relatively new nature of this DP-200 certification examination.

On the flip side, the ideal advice can lead candidates throughout every step of the examination effortlessly. The requirement for information engineers is highly notable in the circumstance of analytics-related project functions. What’s more, the adoption of Big Data and solutions technology alternatives is growing among contemporary organizations. The significance of DP-200 certification prep manual is observable to the grounds of this rising significance of information analytics and engineering.


Fundamental Details of this DP-200 Assessment Information

The most important element after caution about the fundamentals of the DP-200 certification examination is your examination info. Every candidate ought to be aware of the examination completely nicely for much better DP-200 examination prep. The very first thing you ought to know about DP-200 certification examination is that the structure of this exam.

The DP-200 examination would comprise around 40-60 queries and is somewhat like other azure certificate exams. Candidates must note that the amount of queries may vary for different examination cases. The test duration is about 210 minutes from that 180 minutes are allocated to answering inquiries. The extra 30 minutes are ideal for reading directions, signing up the non-disclosure arrangement, and providing feedback.

The DP-200 certification examination would demonstrate different kinds of queries in DP-200. The queries may consist of multiple-choice, case studies, multiple pick queries, and build-lists. Nearly 5 or 4 queries would entail case studies that could examine the general architecture skills of their candidate.

The Microsoft Azure DP-200 certification examination would also consist of scenario-based questions which assume specific scenarios as the foundation for those questions. The situation questions may consist of multiple-choice and multiple-select formats. Additionally, scenario questions may refer to haul and arrangement of numerous actions to accomplish an answer. It is possible to also need to drag and drop replies for supplying your answer in the event of PowerShell CMDlets, Azure CLI commands or JSON files.

Prerequisites for the DP-200 Assessment

Prerequisites for DP-200 certificate also function as important components in the DP-200 exam prep guide.

The people aspiring for DP-200 examination should have a minimum of one year of experience as information specialists, business intelligence specialists, or information architects.

People should also show capacities for delivering content from information platform technology on Azure.

Prerequisites for DP-200 Assessment

The comprehension of requirements also matters a good deal from the DP-200 examination prep. But you have to understand that these requirements are discretionary. Candidates Have to have a certificate AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Basics for your DP-200 certification examination. But it is possible to skip the certificate if you’re confident about your experience in Azure fundamentals.


Additional candidates are also suggested to have hands-on knowledge in data analytics. Wallpaper in architecture and definition of data solutions can be a recommended requirement for your Microsoft Azure DP-200 examination. On the flip side, candidates should be aware that these are recommended requirements and don’t impair eligibility for your DP-200 examination.

Objectives Covered in DP-200 Assessment

The upcoming significant concern in this prep guide is knowing the domain names and goals covered in the examination. The DP-200 study manual is a reliable tool for outlining the specific topics which you ought to pay for your DP-200 exam. Your DP-200 exam prep would concentrate on three notable domain names. Let’s talk each domain briefly as follows.

Implementing data storage alternatives (40-45percent)

This is only one of the greatest domains in DP-200 research manual with nearly 40 to 45 percent of queries in the examination. The domain name deals with subjects like the execution of relational data stores and direction of information security. On the other hand, the significant highlight in this domain name is that the execution of non-relational information stores.

Creating and handling information processing (25-30percent)

Both major topics within this domain involve the growth of batch processing alternatives and streaming options. The general burden of the domain at the DP-200 test is approximately 25 to 30 percent.

Tracking and optimizing data alternatives (30-35percent)

The last domain in the test DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data alternative deals with tracking data storage and information processing. This domain name can form the foundation of about 30 to 35 percent of queries in the DP-200 examination. Optimization of Azure data providers additionally functions as a significant highlight in this domain name.

Measures to be followed for Your DP-200 Assessment Preparation

The following course of actions in this discussion identifies the fundamental actions that you want to choose to your own preparation. The simple premise, in this scenario, would be to think about that DP-200 could be a difficult examination. Thus, your DP-200 examination prep should aim at bettering your general strategy.

See the official certificate page

The very first step in your preparation for DP-200 certification examination is to see the official certificate page. The official certificate page can provide comprehensive information regarding the exam. Candidates must always comprehend the value of the official certificate page for a source of useful exam details. Knowing the examination info like length, registration fee, and languages of this examination can help applicants prepare so.

A fundamental mindset concerning the exam plays a massive part in defining the success of a candidate. What’s more, the info about skills tested in the examination is on the DP-200 official certificate page. The official certificate page can also be suitable for finding out info about the available resources of studying and preparation.

Take notice of the examination aims

The upcoming crucial step in this DP-200 exam prep guide is your review of assessment objectives. Exam objectives are extremely important tools to expect the sort of queries which you could anticipate in the actual exam. Study the test objectives and respective subtopics in each objective.

Additionally, you ought to find that the particular weight for every domain name in the DP-200 examination. Because of this, it is possible to create a prep schedule that concentrates heavily on domain names with higher weight. Evaluation of the exam objectives also helps in giving a certain direction for your exam preparation efforts.

Enroll to Online Training Courses

The next important thing in your preparation for your DP-200 certification examination ought to be Microsoft Learn. Microsoft Learn presents practical advice together with hands-on labs that will assist you prepare DP-200. A number of the suggested topics that you may find in Microsoft Learn to your DP-200 exam prep begin with Azure fundamentals.

Another classes include ‘Azure for the Data Engineer’ and then ‘Implement a Data Warehouse using Azure SQL Data Warehouse.’ You could even find instructor-led or internet training courses in other certificate training suppliers to get ready for the DP-200 examination. Candidates have the option for selecting the kind of learning they favor for DP-200 prep. You have to concentrate on your learning style for picking the proper training strategy. Certya provides the reliable and updated DP-200 exam dumps.

Hands-on Practice

As stated previously, Microsoft Learn presents practical advice together with hands-on labs that will assist you prepare DP-200. Since you might find scenario-based and yet another kind of questions at the examination, it will become important to comprehend the concepts with real-time clinic. So, get your hands dirty by working on the Azure stage and get all set for the DP-200 examination.

You may make a completely free Azure accounts and find the 12 weeks of free providers with free USD 200 charge on your account. So, all you want to do is make your free account together with Azure and get started using it to find out more and get knowledgeable about this Azure platform. It is going to be of great aid on your DP-200 examination prep.