School Transportation Choices Go Beyond Yellow Buses

Planning school transportation can turn into a nightmare for teachers and parents. When a trip is required, the logistics of booking school system buses and drivers and planning out the itinerary can become nearly impossible. Even if parents volunteer to do the driving, issues about safety and liability often crop up. Add to this the fact that many school districts are facing an employee shortage in transportation, and the hassles compound. Rather than canceling important trips, planners can look at a different option for school transportation. Private bus lines often offer exactly what schools require. In many cases, professional bus services can step up to the plate to fit just about any school transportation need imaginable. From large group trips to games and performances to small group treks to major educational destinations, private bus services often provide the perfect solution to school transportation problems.Some of the best reasons for planners to consider private bus lines for school transportation needs include· Bus selection. Whether school transportation is required for 10 students from Los Angeles or 500 from Las Vegas, many bus companies are able to accommodate perfectly. It might take a fleet to transport the Las Vegas group, but a lot of school transportation companies are able to fill the order and do it quite well. minibus transportation

Regular school buses do not have a lot of room for luggage, band equipment or other necessities. Private school transportation services, however, typically do. By offering larger buses with lots of cargo storage area, these companies tend to take all of the worry out of the prospect of transporting students and their gear across town or across the nation. Pricing. In many cases, school transportation companies tend to offer per-passenger prices that are nearly impossible to beat. While it will cost planners more than using the district’s buses, this alternative generally isn’t as expensive as many think. This is especially the case when the perks are considered. Driver selection. One of the biggest perks of using some school transportation services companies is the fact they pre-screen drivers. In states where full background checks are required for school transportation, most bus companies already have the bases covered. This means fear of school district denial of bus transportation is practically eliminated.Schedule planning. If the need for school transportation involves a particular sightseeing trip, teachers are free to work with most companies to plan out the trip. This means the desired stops can be made along the way. In some cases, school transportation services will even work directly with teachers or organizers to ensure all major points are included on the itinerary. Accommodations. Depending on the school transportation bus selected, it is possible to find onboard entertainment, restrooms and more. This means the dreaded bus journey can go a little more smoothly for teachers, parent chaperones and students themselves.